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"God, I'm stressed out right now!" Rapunzel exclaimed as she collapsed on her bed, her hair weighing her down as her mattress creaked under her.

"Easy, Raps," said Cassandra, gathering her mistress's hair up and doing her best to make it into a neat enough pile on the floor, but with little success. "Stress is supposed to be my job, remember?"

"I never knew this princess thing would be so tiring," Rapunzel sighed, rubbing on her forehead. "Of course, I never knew I was a princess until not that long ago. Heck, I never even knew what the opposite sex was until I met Eugene."

Cassandra raised an eyebrow uncomfortable. She always felt funny whenever Rapunzel talked that way around her. She hated it because she never knew how to respond.

"I take it, Gothrine wasn't keen on telling you much about the outside world?" she said awkwardly, immediately hating herself since she knew she got the name of Rapunzel's "mother" wrong.

Rapunzel picked up a loose strand of her hair and began nervously playing with it as she spoke.

"I guess Gothel wasn't too keen on the idea of me ever wanting to have sexual intercourse," she admitted, her eyes looking towards the window. "She told me men were cannibals, rapists, slave merchants..."

"In her defense, a few of them are."

"Please don't do that," Rapunzel sighed, causing Cassandra to blush. "I know it's hard for anyone to understand but me, but I do my best to try not to think about her. Or the horrible things she said."

Cassandra sighed. She never enjoyed seeing Rapunzel unhappy, but playing "therapist" on this subject never worked out for her. As much as she didn't like Eugene, she had to admit that he was good at talking with Rapunzel. And "talking" wasn't one of Cassandra's specialties.

Perhaps there was another way to make Rapunzel feel better. Perhaps She couldn't. Could she?

"You know, before I was your loyal lady in waiting, I considered becoming a masseuse for a living."

Rapunzel turned to Cassandra, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Get out of here!" she shouted, just a bit too loudly for Cassandra's ears. "You're meaning to tell me you once thought of having a career that didn't give you an excuse to kick ass all the time?"

Cassandra chuckled, awkwardly scratching the back of her neck. The whole masseuse bit had been a total lie that she had told without thinking. But she needed an excuse to get her hands on Rapunzel's body if she wanted for her little plan to work.

"Oh, there's a lot about me you don't know," Cassandra blurted, wondering if Rapunzel was possibly buying any of this. "I mean, before you returned to the kingdom, things were pretty gloomy around here. I mean if you think your father is a sad case now, you should've seen him when he was without you. They say he would spend every night on his knees in prayer with no one else around him, begging desperately for a miracle that..."

She stopped herself when she saw Rapunzel's face. Her eyes were starting to well up with tears. Cassandra mentally slapped herself in the face. God, how had she been stupid enough to bring up Rapunzel's past when she was trying to calm her down?

"Look, Raps, I'm sorry," she sighed. "I'm not much of a talker. Or at least I'm not much of a talker when it comes to making others feel better. That's probably one of the reasons Eugene hates me."

"I don't think he 'hates' you," said Rapunzel, gently wiping her eyes with her bed sheets. "I think he just really, really, really, really, really dislikes you."

Cassandra gulped. Rapunzel's tension appeared to be easing up now. Should she still go for it?

No, she shouldn't! But she was going to do it anyway. Discreetly, she walked to the door of her mistress's room and locked it shut.

"Wh...what are you doing?" Rapunzel asked, lifting her head from her pillow. "Are there bandits outside?"

"Raps, there are other reasons to keep a door locked besides bandits," Cassandra explained shrewdly, strategically sitting herself behind Rapunzel on her bed. She was tempted to place her hands on the princess's ass right then and there. But no. Not yet...

"Is it just me, or is it hot in here?" Cassandra gasped, her breath becoming clumsy as she began removing her shirt. "You don't mind, do you, Raps?"

Rapunzel turned, her eyes glinting with shock as she saw her lady in waiting undressing.

"Is standard masseuse thing?" she asked, sweat starting to drip from her forehead.

"Oh, yeah, totally," Cassandra babbled, struggling to keep her voice steady. "There are many, many places in the kingdom where people will pay many coins for a naked woman to make them feel better."

"You mean like pleasure houses?"

Cassandra felt her heart sink so far down her chest she swore she might be digesting it.

"'t know that you knew about..."

"I've been out of my tower long enough to not be quite as stupid as you might think I am," Rapunzel said. Initially, the words cut into Cassandra worse than any blade ever had while in battle, but then she realized that Rapunzel was smiling. Heck, she was even grinning. And it was a very...dirty grin, too.

She was so lost in her observations that she was caught completely off-guard when Rapunzel suddenly grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze.

"Pretty impressive," she said cheerfully. "Of course, maybe I'm not one to judge, since the only breasts I ever saw besides my own for eighteen years were Gothel's..."

"My lady," Cassandra choked, as shock and pleasure began a war within her regarding Rapunzel's actions. "What...what are you doing?"

"What you've been wanting to do with me for weeks," Rapunzel replied slyly. "Or did you really think I never caught you staring at my butt all this time?"

Cassandra was at a loss for words. What if Rapunzel told her father about this? She could lose her job! God, she could be sent to prison!

"Relax, sweetie," Rapunzel said, reading her mind as she placed a finger to her lips. "I won't tell my father if you don't tell yours."

Cassandra weakly smiled.

"Deal," she gasped, and with that, her instincts took over, and she began to frantically undo Rapunzel's skirt, eager to see what was underneath. When she finally got to the prizes, she wasn't disappointed. Rapunzel's breasts were gentle and warm (just like she was) but pleasantly chubby, and when she placed her palms on them, she felt as though she were stroking two plump peaches. Two plump, delicious peaches.

"May I?" Cassandra asked, afraid that Rapunzel would change her mind about all of this and say no

"Be my guest," Rapunzel said simply, closing her eyes and awaiting Cassandra's next move. Her neck bucked back a bit as Cassandra placed her lips on Rapunzel's left nipple and began sucking, her slurps noisy and sloppy. Then she gave the very slightest of bites. Rapunzel yelped, and Cassandra was worried she might've hurt her. But her lady nodded her head, pleading for more of Cassandra's teeth without saying any words.

Cassandra took the cue and moved on to Rapunzel's other nipple. This time she bit a little harder, tasting a hint of blood as she did so. Rapunzel let out a low moan, placing her hands behind Cassandra and down her back, reaching into the seat of her pants.

"Say no more, ma'am," said Cassandra, quickly getting up and pulling her pants and underwear off, kicking them to the floor as soon as she did so. She was now in her birthday suit, watching Rapunzel's eyes dart down to her full, black bush which had just a few white hairs in it. It made Cassandra blush a little.

"It's okay," said Rapunzel, proceeding to pull her own skirt down. "I never shaved down there either. After all, Mother Gothel always told me not to cut my hair."

Cassandra looked down at the princess's vagina, which had so much pubic hair it could easily be mistaken for an actual bush, if actual bushes were a beautiful and golden shade of blonde. There was a slight odor coming from it, but it was pleasing to the nostrils, almost like flowers in spring or a busy bakery.

"Eugene's never seen this then?" said Cassandra, making her approval clear with her tone.

"Well, Eugene could make me pregnant if he ever did anything with it," Rapunzel replied. "But that won't be an issue for you."

With that, the two naked women placed their arms around each other and began kissing. Rapunzel's breath tasted like a candy shop to Cassandra's eager lips, their tongues colliding with one another and making their chins moist with saliva. It was sloppier than Cassandra imagined it being, but that made her love the feeling even more.

"Mmmmhmmmm," she mumbled between smooches. "Eugene's going to be one lucky man whenever you finally agree to marry him, you know that?"

"Of course I know that," said Rapunzel breathlessly, her hands now returning to Cassandra's breasts as she placed her fingers tightly around her nipples, which were hardening up fast. "But he's too much of a gentleman to ever make comments about it. I know that might surprise you given his reputation, but I'm sure he thinks about it."

"He'd be a fool not to," Cassandra gasped, feeling Rapunzel's fingernails gently press into her flesh. "Are you sure you've never done this before?"

"With anyone else? No. By myself? Well, I was by myself in that tower for 18 years. I got pretty good at finding ways to 'pass the time.'"

She then abruptly grabbed Cassandra by the shoulders and flipped her onto her belly, climbing on top of her lady in waiting and resting her small garden grove of a vagina atop her rear end.

"That feels amazing," Cassandra wheezed as she felt her breasts getting squished to the mattress under Rapunzel's weight. "And a bit ticklish."

Rapunzel placed her hands around Cassandra's belly and began thrusting herself up and down, her vagina brushing itself over her ass like a mother wiping the butt of her baby. This was all becoming too much. Cassandra knew she was going to release her pleasure soon, but she didn't want to it yet. Not until she got to try something.

"My lady, would you mind trading places?"

"Of course not, mad'am," Rapunzel said, getting up and giving Cassandra a small curtsy before laying herself back down, her ass facing her hungry partner. Cassandra gulped. This was the first time she had ever seen Rapunzel's naked butt (even when she had done things like step out of the bathtub in front her, her hair had always functioned as a towel that covered everything). It was plump and round, sprinkled with a few pink freckles. Like everything else about her, it was somehow perfect.

" you want me to stop this, let me know," Cassandra said carefully.

"I doubt there's anything you could do to me that I would ever want for you to stop," Rapunzel teased. Cassandra could feel herself blushing again. Even in her wildest fantasies, she had never imagined her mistress enjoying this so much.

Without another word, she slowly and cautiously spread open Rapunzel's butt cheeks, and then placed her right index finger inside.

"You dirty girl," she heard Rapunzel chortle. "I believe I could have you hanged for this if I wanted."

"Would you use your hair as my noose?" Cassandra said slyly, as she moved her finger in and out of Rapunzel's anus. "I'm sure it would be strong enough to break my neck immediately."

"I wouldn't go around telling Eugene that," Rapunzel replied, rubbing her furiously furiously as Cassandra did her digging. "He kinda has a phobia about the gallows after he was nearly hanged that one time."

"I suppose I can't blame him for that," Cassandra agreed, but words were becoming harder to form now, and animalistic impulses were starting to dominate. She removed her right hand and then licked the fingers of her left one before placing it into Rapunzel's butthole, her free hand now on her own vagina as she dug around her lady's bottom. Oh, God! It was going to be any second now.

Becoming overwhelmed, she removed her other hand and placed her face down into Rapunzel's rear end, giving each cheek a smooth kiss before moving her lips to her anus. Her kisses quickly turned into wet, long licks, and she could her Rapunzel's cries become more and more intense. They were both going to climax soon. Cassandra had never felt an orgasm like this building up within her before now. With another moan of ecstasy, she placed both of her hands on Rapunzel's butt cheeks and give them a very firm squeeze.

"Turn me over!" she heard Rapunzel exclaim. "I want you to taste it!"

Cassandra obeyed Rapunzel's orders, rolling the princess over and placing her lips onto Rapunzel's hairy lips. With a final cry, Rapunzel released her creamy load, which Cassandra was all too eager to consume. Upon it entering her mouth, Cassandra too climaxed, her pleasurable liquid squirting onto Rapunzel's feet.

They both simultaneously sighed and looked into each other's eyes, with neither of them knowing what to say about what had just happened. Finally, Rapunzel broke the silence.

"So...a masseuse?"

"Sorry," Cassandra muttered. "That really was pathetic, wasn't it?"

"You're a terrible liar, you know that?" Rapunzel said, giving her butt a mock spanking. "But I like that about you."

"Well, I'd better get better at lying soon," Cassandra chuckled. "After all, I have a pretty major secret to keep now."

"We both do," said Rapunzel with a single nod. "Don't tell daddy."

"Yes, Raps. Don't tell daddy."

Neither of them said another word as they placed the blankets over themselves. It was the first time that either of them had slept with someone else.
Don't Tell Daddy
Rapunzel is stressed out. Cassandra tries to calm her down, but also has her own plans for the evening. Rapsandra. One shot. Rated M for a reason!

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"Is the coast clear?"

Elsa clutched tightly onto the bars of their cell and glanced around. All of their "neighbors" appeared to be fast asleep on their cots.

"I think so," she whispered to her sister. "They're all out like babies. Poor things. I suppose dreamland is the only escape they ever get from this horrible place."

"Well, they aren't lucky enough to have a cellie as amazing as you," Anna said as she gave Elsa a small smile, her orange jumpsuit pulled down around her legs as she sat on the cell's stainless steel toilet, her naked body fully exposed. "God, this thing never stops feeling cold to me..."

"I can make it colder for you if you like," Elsa replied with a smirk. "Though I doubt the guards would approve of me doing that."

Anna groaned.

"Is there anything those boys do approve of?" she sighed as she reached down to pick up the small roll of rough paper towels which they had to use as toilet tissue. "I attempted to flirt with one of them the other day in order to coax them into giving me a Coke, and all I got was pepper spray."

"You were flirting with someone other than me?" Elsa said with mock outrage. "And after all I've done for you?"

"You become desperate for a soda after a hearty lunch of bread and water," Anna lamented as she got up to flush and began washing her hands at the sink which was attached to the toilet.

"I suppose there are no hard feelings then," Elsa conceded, wincing a bit as she laid down on her lumpy mattress. "Anyway, the toilet's coldness never bothered me."

Anna kicked her jumpsuit off of her feet and went over to her sister's bed.

"What about me watching you every time you take a piss or shit?" she hissed into her ear as she climbed on top of her. "Has that ever bothered you?"

"On some level, yes," Elsa conceded, already becoming pleased Anna's actions. "On the other hand, I get to watch you do the exact same thing, so we both win, I guess."

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it," Anna whispered as she began unstrapping her sister's prison uniform. "I suppose we're also 'lucky' that a lot of women are currently on death row right now...otherwise I doubt we would've been housed together."

"Between you and me, I think the warden here was made excited by our crimes," Elsa said, closing her eyes as she allowed for Anna to undress her. "I wouldn't be surprised if she's watching us on a security camera right now as we speak."

"Well, in that case, I suggest we give her a show," Anna responded, pulling the legs of Elsa's jumpsuit off of her feet, leaving both sisters in their birthday suits. They had both gained some weight since their incarceration, in part from the lack of exercise that came from being locked in a cell all day, but also due to the prison's food being quite fattening (while still managing to taste terrible). Their bottoms had become plump and round, and their bellies gently bounced into each other whenever they got into bed together. But neither of them minded. If anything, they each found the other even cuter than they had before.

"You're so beautiful tonight, beloved sister," Elsa gasped as she took some of Anna's hair and lightly placed it in her mouth as though it were dental floss. "What a shame that creature as lovely as you should end up locked up."

"Elsa, please, we both know that you're the gorgeous one," Anna said, holding back a small giggle. "All the boys we met agreed on that. Heck, most of the girls we met thought the same thing."

"Well, I wonder if their thoughts would've changed if they had known what we were doing in private," Elsa replied, feeling her sister's breasts press into her own as Anna leaned down to give her a peck on the cheek. "Of course, we didn't stay very good at keeping it a secret, did we?"

"Hence us being where we are now," Anna answered, giving Elsa a soft kiss above each of her eyelids. "I personally like to think our love for each other was too strong to contain."

"I doubt our parents would see it that way," Elsa sighed. "I guess we won't be going where they are when..."

"Elsa, don't..."

"Please, let me say something," Elsa said uneasily, abruptly pushing Anna off of and sitting herself up, burying her face in her hands. "I've been wanting to ask you something, don't have to answer me if you don't want to, but...if you can..."

Anna nodded.

"I'll do the best I can, sis," she said, discreetly rubbing her sister's naked back.

Elsa took a deep breath before speaking. Anna could tell that her sister's emotions were starting to become a bit intense because she left a small breath trail as she did so.

"Anna, after...after we die, do you think we'll go to Hell?"

Anna's eyes widened a bit.

"That's a rather morbid question for sex night, isn't it?" she said, making a small but probably pathetic attempt to lighten the mood.

"Just...answer the question, Anna."

Anna felt uneasy now. Elsa sounded vulnerable. Scared. She wasn't sure how to respond to her question.

"Well, growing up we were told that...if siblings do things that they shouldn't be doing, they..."

Elsa was starting to fidget. Anna could tell that her response wasn't helping matters.

"I...I guess we probably will," Anna finally admitted defeatedly. "I mean, I guess girls who commit incest don't usually end up with halos, do they?"

Elsa didn't say anything at first. She just awkwardly scratched the back of her neck.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Anna," she eventually muttered. "That...that wasn't fair of me to ask you. I've just...I've just been thinking about it a lot lately. It''s so soon."

"We always knew we would run out of appeals after our sentencing," Anna said quietly. "But hey, it's still three months away. That's almost a hundred days!"

Elsa took another deep breath. She was no longer producing a breath trail as she did so, which Anna took as a good sign.

"I suppose we should make the most of the time we have left then," said Elsa, straining a faint smile. "I love you, Anna, and I wouldn't trade what we've had together for anything...not even my own life."

"At least we'll die together," Anna said, giving Elsa a subtle push to lay her back down. "There's nothing more romantic than that, is there?"

Elsa managed a slight grin.

"Are your last words gonna be 'Elsa, I will lie with thee tonight'?" she asked her sister with a bit of a snicker.

"Probably not," said Anna, placing her hands on Elsa's firm breasts and giving them a squeeze. "You know I never was any good at that Shakespeare guy. I always preferred stuff like Titanic."

"Mmmhmmm," Elsa went, a blush appearing on her fair cheeks as Anna gave her chest and even clasp. "Is that why you asked me to draw you naked that one night?"

"Well, when I asked you that, I had assumed you were a better artist," Anna said slyly, moving her hands away from Elsa's boobs and moving downstairs. "I think you made me look like I had four arms in that thing."

"That's only because I kept my eyes on you and not on the easel," Elsa blurted out, beginning to become lost in the grasp of Anna's touch. "And you're lucky I don't freeze you into a block of ice for criticizing my artistic skills."

"Hey, you're capable of making great things...with snow," Anna responded, twirling her fingers around Elsa's white pubic hairs before moving them into the front door. "And speaking of snow, I have a feeling you're about to make some."

Elsa let out a small cry after she said that, her breathing becoming heavier, her body starting to convulse.

"Keep doing what you're doing," she whispered through exhilarated gasps. "I'm almost there!"

"Don't let it go just yet," Anna said, forcibly grabbing Elsa by the shoulders and turning her over.

"No fair, Anna!" Elsa panted. Without thinking twice, Anna quickly removed all of the towels from the roll, leaving her with the long cardboard tube. It didn't take her long to adjust it properly for her devilish intentions.

"Hold still, sis," she announced, and firmly jammed the tube into her sister's bottom. Elsa let out a much louder cry than before, full of shock, pleasure, and perhaps a hint of pain. Anna knew she had to work fast if she was going to take action before her prisoner came, and promptly climbed on top of Elsa, placing the other end of the tube inside the cave between her legs.

Neither of them were saying words now, only gasping and grunting, making an effort not to wake any of the other inmates up. Anna roughly pulled the tube up and down, with both of them expressing ecstasy each time they felt its pressure closing in. This wasn't going to take long now, and Anna knew it, which was just as well since it would be best if they were finished before a guard made his nightly patrol around the cell block.

"Elsa...I'm going to squirt into your ass!" Anna yelped, doing her best to keep her voice down as she did so, but that was becoming difficult as she was just about to climax. With another muted scream, her creamy production was released, making its way down the tube and into its intended location. As soon as this happened, it became too much for her sister to handle.

"Remove the tube now!" she shrieked, and Anna obeyed her wishes immediately, yanking it out from her stump. Elsa wailed with delight as she did this, and Anna watched happily as her sister came out of both her front and back entrances. It was a glorious sight.

"God, I'd kill for a smoke right now," Elsa gasped as she got up, giving Anna's bottom a light but effective punch. "That alone almost us both getting hanged worth it!"

Anna laughed in spite of herself.

"I wonder if they'll have us swing naked," she suggested, her eyes glinting with naughty glee. "I must say, you might look adorable in the buff with a rope around your pretty neck."

"Now you're getting a little too hardcore, sis," said Elsa, but she was still smiling. "Aren't you the one who once said that Fifty Shades of Grey was 'a bit extreme' for you?"

"That was before we went here," said Anna, leaning her head down on her sister's naked breast. "And before we started having sex with each other."

"Fair enough," said Elsa.

They were both quiet for a moment, their nude bodies almost glowing in the dark with radiance amidst the dim lighting provided from the ceiling lamps outside of their cell.


"Yes, Anna?"

"Regarding what you asked me earlier...about where we'll go when we die?"

Elsa looked a bit uneasy and gulped.

"What about it?"

"Hell will be Heaven so long as I go there with you."

Their eyes simultaneously filled up with tears, and the two of them kissed each other until they fell asleep, as happy and content as two women in prison could possibly be.
Frozen: Death Row
Anna and Elsa are on death row, condemned to die because of their relationship. But even the worst situations can be made a little fun. Modern AU. ElsAnna. One shot.
The story is complete, in case you're interested...

The Aftermath of Chocolate
I must say it's kinda weird if you click on an ElsAnna and then give it a bad review for having "kinks." Especially when it's rated M and has a warning!


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